It’s time to buy new ones!

Have you got your old door peeled? So it's time to buy new ones! The door is home to the house and you want to feel comfortable here. From us are a great choice.
Can't you pick the interior doors yourself? Nothing's Happening! Call our hotline or visit our store directly. Our specialist technicians will gladly demonstrate a wide range of doors and will help you with your selection. The door is supplied in all standard dimensions of the building openings. You can choose from many solutions-full or glazed doors, from various decors and finishes. We also offer a full-glass door and a sliding door on the wall to save space in the apartment.
We also have floors
We supply door fittings to the door. The choice is a wide range of cranks in the label or rear design. For demanding customers it is possible to have interior doors including paneling in the same design. Another product range is the laminate or wooden flooring. You can choose from a large variety of decors. Shop at our place and you will be satisfied.